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A thorough, top to bottom, inside and out, nook and cranny, under, over, out, and in between cleaning of your home using only the best in green, eco-friendly cleaning products and methods.



Our goal as a company is to help people enjoy a better quality of life. This begins with working hard to make your home sparkle but extends to a greater cause. Being kind and respectful to the planet, the people we serve, and our greater community are vital parts of our business model. We believe in better business and ethical practices. We believe in paying sustainable, livable wages while keeping our service reasonably priced and accessible.

Client Testimonials:

“Thank you for being such an amazing company and supporting your employees' personal growth. It really says a lot about who you are and what you believe in. Not only does your company care about the world in which we live in, it also cares about the people who are living in this world. Thank you for making our community a better place.” 

-Susannah R

“I've used a home cleaning company for nearly 25 years, and without any reservation my experience with EcoClean the past year supersedes all of them combined.  They are professional, reliable, and the quality of there cleaning is exceptional!  My crew "Rocks", and most importantly they are always kind, compassionate, and friendly!”

-Todd S

“EcoClean is by far the best cleaning service in the Denver area. They do an excellent job and I would highly recommend this cleaning service to anyone.”

-Lindsey F

“Staff is professional and trustworthy. Detail oriented and easy to work with. They're socially and environmentally responsible. I love this service!”

-Amanda R



What sets EcoClean apart is our customizable service. We understand that each household is unique and each home has its own individual needs. Our goal is to provide you with an experience that goes above and beyond just a great clean. We’ve found that a personal touch can go a long way in brightening up the daily lives of those around us. When you choose EcoClean to care for your home, you will be able to interact with your cleaners by using our checklist system. We know the value of open communication and feedback in keeping our customers and cleaners happy. Let us do the chores so you can kick your feet back and enjoy your time at home.


We Proudly Offer:

√ Routine Cleanings

√ One Time or Occasional Cleanings

√ Move-in and/or Move-out Cleanings

√ Seasonal or Special Deep Cleanings





•Top to Bottom Dusting

•Floors (sweep/vacuum/mop)

•Vacuuming Upholstery

•General Tidying

•Trash, Recycling, and/or Compost


•Interior refrigerator cleaning

•Interior oven cleaning

•Windows (inside only)


•Cabinets, Closets, and Drawers

•Organizing and Sorting

•Laundry and Bed Linens



Once we discuss and decide on your individual home's cleaning needs and schedule, a customized Client File is created for your household. This file serves as a tool to effectively communicate important details and feedback with your cleaning team. It also contains information and notes pertaining to custom cleaning needs, home access, pets care etc. In addition to your customized Client File, we provide your home with a Green Cleaning kit and a detailed Checklist for our teams to reference during each visit.

Good relationships and communication are the most important parts of our business. 

We work to provide you with an experience that goes above and beyond just a great clean. Many people, all over Denver, allow us into their homes and we value the trust and responsibility that goes along with that. We appreciate your input and feedback. Please, always feel free to contact us!

The best way to get started is to fill out our Estimate Form. We are always available online or by phone to discuss the specific details of your home and create the most customized, accurate cleaning plan that fits perfectly into your budget.



EcoClean is comprised of a team of trusted, highly trained, energetic and positive minded people. Our staff members are the core to building a progressive and successful company.  We believe they should always be treated with respect and paid a liveable wage. We think should be able to take pride in their work and enjoy the time they spend doing it!

All Of Our Cleaners Are:

√ Fully Bonded and Insured

√ Thoroughly Screened and Background Checked

√ Carefully Trained in Green Cleaning Products and Methods

√ Encouraged to Live a Green Lifestyle and to Offset or Lessen Their Own Carbon Footprint

EcoClean was created by Eliza Jane Smith. Originally from Massachusetts, Eliza relocated to Denver in 1997. To subsidize her life as a local musician, she took to cleaning houses. Through her strong work ethic and a belief in a better, more green approach, the number of houses grew. Realizing the lack of eco-friendly house cleaning options and with a desire for change, Eliza began hiring and training employees. From 2002, EcoClean has grown organically while still maintaining the personalized attention and communication of a single cleaner. Today, EcoClean is comprised of a handful of hardworking, trustworthy people who are dedicated to improving the environment. We believe that people should be treated with respect for the hard work they do and compensated accordingly for their time and energy. That is why we pay our cleaners more per hour than most cleaning companies do. Our philosophy is that, in doing so, our employees will give you a higher quality of service with a personalized touch because they have a love for the company and an investment in helping it thrive.

Staff Testimonials:


“EcoClean is different because of Eliza. Many people think they are savvy business people, and we all have own strengths, but working for Eliza renews my enthusiasm for business. I love how we work through problems, give the benefit of the doubt, and have integrity with everyone. This experience has challenged me to be that good in my own dealings, which, if you have not seen a lot of good examples, you might not think was possible. House cleaning is incidental, but working for a company that is good to the core makes the work special and meaningful. I would not enjoy this job if I did not get to feel this strong faith in how we work. It took a while but the goodness has saturated the whole organization. Those results are only possible when it comes from the top. Eliza is responsible for that.”

- Natalie

“EcoClean has given me a major responsibility and chance to better myself as an individual that I otherwise was too scared to do on my own. Now, if I were to move on to another job, I won't be scared to say I should be a manager or team lead. I CAN DO IT!”

- Felicia

“For me, the environmentally friendly products used are really in line with my ideal of the world and that we should be trying to improve it. On a smaller scale, each house gave me a purpose. We get to help make people happy! That's a great purpose.”

- Emmy

Interested In Becoming Part of Our Team? 

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